Womenswear Patterns

Basic Pattern Blocks

The blocks have been produced by professional pattern cutter and bespoke tailor Oliver Häberli and then thoroughly tested in calico before being graded to produce the full range of sizes supplied.

They do not include design details such as pockets or style seams, but do include sleeves and collars. Please note that the blocks are produced without seam allowance and are intended for professional use and provide a contemporary and modern standard fit.

To order simply send an email to info@oliverhaeberli.dk (please provide article name, amount of prints and delivery/shipping address) or call +45 71 70 65 71 for more information.


The basic block women’s dress pattern – in size 36 to 44 – printed on paper in black & white, full scale with size guide and key body measurement chart.
Price per print: DKK 350.- excl. moms (VAT) and postage.