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Fashion Show 2018 – Danish Tailors Guild

The annual Fashion Show of the Danish Tailors Guild held in the Crafts Guild Hall in the heart of Copenhagen showcased the vibrant and diverse scene of independent crafts businesses still going strong in the danish Capital. More than ever are handmade goods popular in a time of digitalization and administration. The more we distance ourselves from the “real world” the more we crave for goods made with passion, skills, creativity, endurance and love. It is as if you can feel these qualities worked into those handmade clothes, leather-goods, hats and jewelry and transcend it to the person wearing these items.

For this years Fashion Show we decided to create two Formal Menswear Outfits in a classic silhouette. A young, contemporary slim-fit cut using unconventional materials in bright colors.

Laugenes Opvisning 2018
Laugenes Opvisning 2018

Mounier Lacoste from Scoop Models is wearing a formal dinner Jacket. He is looking dapper in this outfit and he loved wearing the jacket – he even asked us if he can wear it for the upcoming Christmas Party. The super-light allover printed chiffon fabric from swiss house Jakob Schläpfer does the trick and is a real eye-catcher. So let the Party begin!

Laugenes Opvisning 2018

Mads Broberg from Scoop Models is wearing a so called “Beltsac”Jacket. This Jacket was very popular in the 1920. Before cutting the Jacket in the final fabric we made a Calico Jacket to check the Style and Fit. This step-by-step process allows us to make chances on the pattern before cutting the final cloth. I felt in love with this allover-print Organdy from Jakob Schläpfer and thought it might be the perfect fabric to us to make the jacket for the Fashion Show.

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Tweed Guide

The Origin of Tweed
It is commonly thought that tweed emerged in Scotland and Ireland as a way for the farmers there to battle the chilly, damp climate that characterizes those parts. Tweed began as a hand-woven fabric. The cloth was rough, thick, and felted and the colors were muted and earthy. It was truly a working man’s cloth. As far as the name goes, there are a couple of theories.
There is a River Tweed in Scotland, and the cloth was made in the Tweed Valley, and some believe that is the origin of the word.
A more popular legend has it that the name tweed is a twist on the Scottish word for “tweel” or twill in our parlance, which is the signature weave of the fabric. It is said that in 1826, a London clerk accidentally transcribed an order to “tweel” and wrote “tweed” instead, and from there the name came into use. Whatever the origin, tweed is a rugged fabric, resistant to wind and water with excellent insulating properties. Read the full article here.

To Order: Basic Block Men’s Coat Pattern

The basic block men’s coat pattern – in size 46 to 54 – printed on paper in black & white, full scale with size guide and key body measurement chart.

The blocks have been produced by professional pattern cutter and bespoke tailor Oliver Häberli www.oliverhaeberli.dk and then thoroughly tested in calico before being graded to produce the full range of sizes supplied.

These blocks are produced without seam allowance and are intended for professional use and provide a contemporary and modern standard fit.

Price per print: 350.- DKK excl. Moms and postage
Order: send an email to info@oliverhaeberli.dk (Please provide delivery/shipping address) or call +4571706571 for more information.

Basic Block Men’s Coat sizes 46 – 54